Rouse Management, Madison

As apartment owners, our tenant’s safety is of the utmost importance to us. We know that the systems Stealth Security, LLC has serviced and installed for us are working to keep our tenants safe. We have literally entrusted their safety to Stealth Security, LLC. Additionally, Stealth Security, LLC has provided training to our resident managers on the use of the fire alarm system and did so in words that they could understand.

Rouse Management, Madison

Stealth Security, LLC has serviced existing fire alarm panels and installed new fire alarm panels at several of our properties (including College Park Apartments and Springbrook Row Apartments). We have called for service outside of business hours and have gotten great response to all of our requests for service. Stealth Security, LLC is on time and fixes the problems without making new ones.

Dr. James Hill, Excellence in Denistry

Having been a victim of a home burglary, the choice of a competent company with the right security system was paramount in my family’s decision to utilize the services of Al and Sheryl Terry of Stealth Security, LLC. From design to installation we felt “listened to” and the final product was uniquely designed around our particular lifestyle. Unlike many of our friends who have confusing or generic systems that they never use, we find that our system is part of our lifestyle and feel very secure knowing that it all works well. Ease of use, dependability, and great service are all part of the package.

Dr. James Hill, Excellence in Denistry

My office system was installed by another company and we had many episodes of false alarms at inopportune times for 3 years. Al came in and did a very sophisticated diagnosis of our problems and made a very low cost proposal to fix the system. We have yet to have a false alarm in 1 year since his crew fixed the problem and I have not had my sleep disrupted!

Burger King, Madison Area

Stealth Security, LLC upgraded our old security systems at our Odana Road, Park Street and Oregon, WI restaurants and now provides the monitoring for each of these systems. They review daily, central station, customer activity reports and contact us on a regular basis to ensure that our system is working properly and that our employees are trained properly in using the system.

Burger King, West Badger Rd

The surveillance system installed by Stealth Security, LLC at our West Badger Road location gives our employees and customers a sense of security, has reduced internal theft and has minimized the vandalism and theft that used to occur when the restaurant was closed. Throughout the installation and since, Stealth Security, LLC has been available at all hours of the day and has been responsive to our every request for service.

Becky, DeForest

Stealth Security, LLC installed a security system for me that gives me a sense of security while at home and the knowledge that upon returning home my house will be secure and my loved ones safe.